Wilderness Survival Schools in VA

Wilderness Survival Schools in VAVirginia boasts beautiful mountains in places, such as Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The state also has many different wilderness schools geared to both teens and adults. These schools cover everything from building fires without matches to what plants to eat to camping and survival skills.

Earth Connection

Earth Connection offers classes in Somerville, Virginia, where students are removed from running water and electricity, though students are not too far from their vehicles. Earth Connection teaches participants how to create fire using friction and also about what wild plants are edible.

Earth Connection
PO Box 32
Somerville, VA 22739
(540) 270-2531

Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School

Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School offers a variety of courses, from basic survival skills to more advanced wilderness learning, including map and compass and first aid. It is located in Catawba, Virginia, and also provides private instruction.

Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School
57 Hemlock Ridge Lane
Catawba, Virginia 24070
(434) 238-3718

The Living Earth School

The Living Earth School is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and offers programs, ranging from simple survival to animal tracking to father/son and mother/daughter programs.

The Living Earth School
101 Rocky Bottom Lane
Afton, VA 22920
(540) 456-7339

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