Top 5 Vacation Spots in Mexico

Top 5 Vacation Spots in Mexico
Nearly 20 million international tourists arrive in Mexico each year, the majority from Canada and the United States. The ITA: Office of Travel and Tourism Industries reported that nearly six million Americans traveled to Mexico in 2008. Many of the visitors each year vacation at Mexico's top resort locations. Mexico is home to seaside resorts along the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The country also includes mountain terrain perfect for hiking or rock climbing and over 9,000 km of coastline for use in water sports.


Cozumel is one of the largest islands in Mexico. Located off the Yucatan peninsula, Cozumel is one of the "the world's top five scuba diving destinations," according to a 2009 Gerographische Rundschau International report. The resort also features opportunities for snorkeling and diving to view some of the world's largest coral reefs.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, located south of Cancun on the on the Yucatan Peninsula, hosts ferries traveling to Cozumel, but it is also the location of a 2006 Mayan temple discovery. Visitors may visit the excavation work, hike the dense jungle terrain, or the enjoy water sports offered in this resort city.


Acapulco, located on the Pacific Ocean, became a popular tourist location with the 1927 completion of the "Highway of the Sun" roadway that allowed visitors easy access to the resort. The resort town reinvented itself in the late 2000s with new gated hotel projects and a commitment to clean water quality, according to Jeffrey S. Smith, associate professor of geography at Kansas State University. All forms of water sports are offered in Acapulco.


The resort city of Cancun is located on an island on the Yucatan peninsula, near the Caribbean Sea. Professor Smith notes that Cancun, a town on the Yucatan Peninsula, is the "signature mega-resort" with over 6 million visitors each year. The majority of the city was rebuilt after Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and now offers expanded, wide sandy beaches, guided tours exploring the Mayan archaeological finds and all varieties of water and surf sports.


Ixtapa, one of the newest Mexican resort towns, is located just 100 miles away from Acapulco on the Mexican Riviera. Professor Smith states that Ixtapa "...has all of the requisite services and amenities expected of a world-class tourist destination." Building and development is restricted in Ixtapa in an effort to maintain the natural landscape and clean air. Ixtapa is strategically located adjacent to a mountain range where visitors may hike or climb.

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