Things to Take When Traveling to China

Things to Take When Traveling to China
China is known for more than just the Great Wall. With spectacular hiking tours and a variety of recreational activities, travelers have many options when it comes to entertainment and recreation. Regardless of your itinerary plans, packing for each season, guarding against contaminants in your water and treating minor injuries are the most essential considerations you must make when deciding what to take on your next vacation to China.


Take the appropriate clothing. When traveling to China during the autumn, which runs from September to early November, bring clothes appropriate for warm temperatures. An umbrella and poncho or light rain gear may be necessary to protect against occasional rains. Winter runs from January to February and produces heavy snows, ice and cold temperatures. Spring runs from March to May and is typically mild, resulting in cool to warm temperatures. If traveling during the summer (also characterized as Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang and Tianjing -- the "four furnaces" of China), bring clothes for extreme heat. Similar to the autumn season but with stronger rains and winds, China experiences mild to high rains in the summer (June to August). Additional rain gear may be necessary, and travelers are advised to bring more than an umbrella to guard against the heavy rains. Overall, clothing should be conservative, and women must wear pants to enter Chinese temples.


Water Treatment Kit

Bring a water treatment kit. To combat environmental pollutants and microorganisms in Chinese water sources, bring a water treatment kit that acts as both a filter and a disinfectant. Combing a filter with a disinfectant like iodine or chlorine is the most effective way to successfully combat water contamination from pollution and bacteria, both of which are problems for in Chinese. The water treatment kit that you purchase should last the duration of your trip. It is not necessary to bring bottled water as hotels and resorts in China provide it as do grocers and other retailers. Treatment kits can be purchased online or at travel stores.

First Aid

Protect yourself against sickness when traveling to China. Diarrhea and nausea medication are must-have items, as is Diamox or other altitude sickness medication, which will come in handy when hiking in Tibet or traveling in other high-altitude locations. Bring band aids and anti-bacterial ointment to treat cuts, scrapes and blisters. An ace bandage and bandage tape are essentials for hikers who may twist an ankle or fall.



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