Primary Muscles Used for Snowboarding

Primary Muscles Used for Snowboarding
Whether an avid snowboarder or someone interested in learning to board, it is important to know and understand the primary muscles used for snowboarding. Once you know this, you can use this knowledge to train, to help prevent injury and to become a better boarder. The primary muscles used for snowboarding are core muscles, foot/ankle muscles, upper leg muscles and hip and glute muscles.

Core Muscles

Since snowboarding requires exceptional balance, your core muscles will constantly be in use while boarding. Core muscles include abdomen muscles as well as lower and middle back muscles.

Foot and Ankle Muscles

One of the most common injuries in snowboarding involve ankles. Because your feet are connected to the board, your feet and ankle muscles will be working to help you make cuts and turns. Your foot contains more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, and these muscles need strength for you to be a better boarder.

Upper Leg Muscles

Both your hamstrings and your quadriceps play a large part in snowboarding. While these muscles do not control your direction as much as your foot and ankle muscles, they are the muscles most used when boarding downhill.

Hip and Glute Muscles

Hip and glute muscles are also important to boarding. These muscles help you steer and carve. Do not forget to work out these muscles in the gym before hitting the slopes to avoid unnecessary soreness.

Article Written By Jessica Linnell

Jessica Linnell is a published author, blogger and freelance writer in the Atlanta area. She has a Bachelor of Arts in communications and has been writing for 10 years. She has been published in Atlanta magazine, Cherokee Living, and North Fulton Living, as well as on numerous websites.

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