What to Pack for an RV Trip

What to Pack for an RV Trip
An RV trip can be a very exciting adventure for everyone involved. One thing that can really put a damper on a trip is the lack of supplies or items needed once you are already at the destination. For those who are camping or traveling to a remote location or the backcountry---there isn't always easy access to supplies and other camping items. Even though an RV offers more modern amenities than tent camping, generating a list before venturing out will assure that nothing is overlooked or missed.


One of the most important items to bring on an RV trip is adequate food and water. Bringing along a combination of both perishable and non-perishable food on the trip will help food stretch farther and offer more recipe options. Preparing meals ahead of time and freezing them for the trip is also an option. Some meals that freeze well are pastas, soups and casseroles. Store frozen and fresh meals in coolers or RV freezers and thaw over a propane stove or in a microwave. Keep water fresh by storing in clean containers for later use.



There is nothing worse than getting ready to take the kids down to the beach only to realize a forgotten swimsuit. Clothes should be packed for every RV trip with a checklist in hand. This will assure that every needed clothing item has been packed in the suitcase. Essentials for an RV trip include; swim gear, tennis shoes, sandals, long pants, pajamas, T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks and undergarments. Extras can be included but making sure that the basic items are packed will help make the trip a more comfortable one.

Cooking supplies

Another important thing to pack is cooking gear and supplies. Even if there is a working propane stove in the RV, most campers still enjoy cooking outside. Tripod grills are popular among campers and offer an easy and effective way to cook over the open flame of campfire. Sturdy, heat resistant cooking utensils such as forks and spatulas are good to have on hand as well. Paper plates, plastic utensils and paper cups are must haves for serving meals. Cast iron skillets are a wonderful choice for both indoor and outdoor cooking. When seasoned, they offer a stick-free surface for cooking all types of campfire food. Dutch ovens, cast iron mini pie cookers, broiler baskets and campfire toasters are all things that can be packed along with cooking supplies for the trip.

Miscellaneous camping supplies

Small items often go overlooked when packing for an RV trip. Battery operated radios, flashlights and lanterns should always be brought along for emergencies or when navigating outside the campsite. String lights and tiki torches can also be brought along to decorate and accent the campsite. Bug spray, a first aid kit and rain gear are other essentials that often go overlooked and will help assist if a problem should arise.


Making sure there is adequate furniture for the outdoors makes for a comfortable trip. While many RVs offer luxury interior furniture features, many campers enjoy spending time outdoors. Pack lawn chairs, hammocks, portable picnic tables and tents to make the outdoor camping experience more pleasurable. These items can be folded up and packed inside of the RV for transportation. Outdoor carpeting for underneath the furniture and picnic table will keep the camping area clean and tidy.


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