Wilderness Survival Training in Ohio

Wilderness Survival Training in OhioEven the best of us can use a challenge to hone our outdoor skills and have more extensive training. Survival training schools can teach anyone from a weekend warrior to a hardcore lightweight backpacker something new to help him survive in harsh circumstances without modern equipment. These schools offer specialized classes to address seasonal challenges and provide a wide base of knowledge regarding every aspect of living off the land fully and comfortably, so you will be ready to handle not only emergency situations, but also day-to-day trail life with aplomb.

Midwest Native Skills Institute

Midwest Native Skills Institute teaches wilderness survival with minimal or no gear. The focus is on mental agility rather than brute strength. Skills taught at the institute include navigation, fire building, hunting and gathering. The instruction is individual and hands on, with small class sizes and a money back guarantee. Private classes and Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs are also offered. Single classes, weekend and week-long training sessions are all available.

Meals are provided and camping on the grounds is the usual form of lodging, but other accommodations can be managed.

Midwest Native Skills Institute
Tom Laskowski
P.O. Box 31764
Cleveland, OH 44131
(888) 886-5592

Northeast Ohio Primitive Living and Wilderness Survival School

The Primitive Living and Wilderness Survival School has at its core the intention and dedication to teach students to overcome any challenge. The focus is well-rounded, including physical, mental and spiritual skills you may need to have in the outdoors. Skills are both explained and demonstrated, then students are allowed to attempt the lessons for themselves.

Students provide their own meals on-site or may leave campus for meals. Most classes last four to seven days and special classes can be arranged upon request. Material covered includes stalking and camouflage, cooking and preserving food, making fire, gathering water, plant identification and basic toolmaking. Specialized classes are offered on winter survival, homesteading and healing methods.

Northeast Ohio Primitive Living and Wilderness Survival School
James Kellar
P.O. Box 114
Bristolville, OH 44402
(330) 984-9986

Article Written By Alice Moon

Alice Moon is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience. She was chosen as a Smithsonian Institute intern, working for the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and has traveled throughout Asia. Moon holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Ball State University.

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