What Are the Different Parts of a Fishing Rod?

What Are the Different Parts of a Fishing Rod?
One walk down the fishing isle at your local sporting goods store, will show you there are a wealth of fishing rods to choose from. If you're a novice fisherman, all the choices can be rather confusing when deciding on what to buy. Regardless of the type of rod you choose, all rods are made up of four standard parts: the rod itself, the handle, guides and reel seat.


Most rods manufactured today are made out of graphite and come in a variety of lengths. Most anglers feel a one piece rod has the most natural feel, but are difficult to transport. Two piece rods are joined together by a ferrule and if engineered well, won't give up much in the way of having a natural feel to it. Fishing rods are sorted by the rod's action, as well as it's power. Power refers to how much force is needed to make the rod flex. Action is determined by where the rod flexes.


The guides of a rod are either metal or ceramic and are attached along the rod in a variety of locations. The guides are where the fishing line is threaded through. If you have a two section rod, it's important to have the guides lined up, so your line will flow from the reel through the guides properly. Depending on the style of rod and it's length, the placement and size of the guides will vary.

Reel Seat

The reel seat on a rod is located above the base and is where you attach the reel to the rod. What reel you use, will determine what the reel seat will look like. Since there are three standard reels, there are three standard reel seats. There are fly, casting and spinning.


The handle of a fishing rod is what you hold onto while fishing. The type of rod will determine what the handle looks like. Spinning and fly rods have a thinner and more streamlined handle, compared to a rod used for casting. The majority of handles are manufactured out of foam or cork.

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