Tips on Respooling Ice Fishing Poles

Tips on Respooling Ice Fishing Poles
If you have time, you can take your ice-fishing rod to a fishing supply shop, where you can get it respooled inexpensively. But it's pretty simple to do it yourself once you know what you're doing, though it can be confusing at first.

Practice Knot-Tying

Practice tying your knot until it's automatic. The knot is the most fundamental part of respooling your rod, but it's also something people struggle with. You can use any knot you'd like, but many consider the arbor knot to be the best for this job. Once you've got your knot down, you'll be able to respool your rod much quicker.


Use Nail Clippers for Cutting

Use a nail clipper to cut the excess reel. This tool is convenient and creates a precise cut. 

Create Line Tension

This makes your wrapping more smooth and even. This can be accomplished two ways. If you have someone with you, have your partner put a pencil in the line spool's center hole. Then have him push down on the pencil to create tension. If you're alone, you can place the reel between the pages of a book to add the wanted tension.

Keep the Reel Straight

After tying the line to the spinning reel spool, lay it flat and straight on the ground before turning the spool. This helps to keep the reel going in nicely.

Be Cautious of Tangles

Tangles cause casting problems. When you start turning the reel, start conservatively. Initially, turn the spool just 10 times and then check to ensure the line isn't tangling. If it becomes tangled, turn the reel up to get rid of the tangles. Additionally, while spooling, tilt the reel a little to the left when the line is on the left side, and slightly to the right when the line is on the right side. This helps ensure good casting.

Avoid Completely Filling Spool

Fill your spool to within 1/8 of capacity. This gives you enough reel to work with but ensures there will still be plenty of room for the spool to turn.


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