Things to Do in Puerto Penasco in Sonora, Mexico

Things to Do in Puerto Penasco in Sonora, Mexico
Known to most Americans as "Rocky Point," Puerto Penasco is located on the Sea of Cortez almost directly south of Yuma, Arizona. A modern four-lane highway lets vacationers slice through the Sonoran desert, and there are plenty of accommodations and restaurants available for the visitor, as well as nightlife. Puerto Penasco offers more than just tequila shots on the beach; there are some excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation too.

Scuba Diving

Puerto Peñasco (also known as Rocky Point) has burst upon the scuba scene since several resorts opened in the area in the 1980s. There's a range of conditions--from easy wade-ins to deep sea areas--and no lack of abundant and exotic sea life to experience great sites for open water training, coves, islands and a wealth of exotic marine life.

Whether you're just getting started or are an experienced diver, Puerto Penasco will meet your diving needs. And with the wealth of comfortable accommodations, restaurants and entertainment, you'll enjoy your time on shore as well.

Rocky Point Dive
(602) 476-8066

Explore the Ecosystem with CEDO

Puerto Penasco is located in a dynamic ecosystem, where the sands of the Sonoran Desert meet the waters of the Sea of Cortez. CEDO, the Spanish acronym for The Intercultural Center for the Studies of Deserts and Oceans, is dedicated to studying this ecosystem and working toward its protection and preservation.

CEDO offers a variety of guided eco-adventures in the area of Puerto Penasco. You can explore the sand dunes of the Sonora Desert or choose from a variety of tours that paddle through and explore the the estuarine ecology and wildlife of the region. The rich variety of this region is well-explored by these low-impact educational experiences.

Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Oceanos
(520) 320.-473

Go Kayaking

The Sea of Cortez offers clear and smooth waters for those who want to explore by kayak. While Puerto Penasco's waterfront is dominated by hotels and highrises, there are fascinating coves and estuaries in the surrounding area with a wealth of wildlife, particularly birds.

Kayak rentals are easily obtained, and guided tours, including overnight and multi-day camping trips, are available.

Kayak Rocky Point
(866) 687-2510

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