The Best Coughing Bass Fishing Lures on the Market

The Best Coughing Bass Fishing Lures on the Market
Anglers take a great deal of pride in their tackle box, and bass fishermen are no exception. To the outsider, there might not be much difference between one spinner and the next. To the devoted angler, small differences are important, especially when combined with the fishing conditions and his personal style. This makes lure selection important, and some bass lures stand well above the rest.


These lures are spins on the old-fashioned plastic worm. They come highly recommended by Gary Yamamoto, who was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in August 2009 and maintains his own product line of senkos. Yamamoto discovered that when these lures aren't weighted, they fall to the bottom in a horizontal pattern rather than going straight down. The movement is more like a real earthworm, and that attracts more attention from bass.


Good spinners like the Terminator T2 are versatile. They can be used in deep or shallow water as well as in fast- or slow-moving streams. This makes them ideal for checking out a new fishing spot and locating bass. After you have plumbed the depths, you can either keep using the spinner or switch to something more specialized.


Cranks are classic lures, but they are both hard to use and hard to maintain. Keeping the hooks sharp and rust-free is a particular pain, so it is best to pick out a few really good cranks and stick to them. Kevin van Dam's lip-less crank, the classics from Bomber and the Storm ThunderCrank enjoy solid reputations.

Creature Baits

These plastic representations of things such as nightcrawlers and crawfish are highly versatile baits, imitating a range of prey creatures and in a variety of colors. Some fish them with weights and others go weightless. Many anglers employ them all through the bass season, while some swear upon them only in high summer. Two that have earned high marks are the Wooly Hawg Craw and the Wooly Beavertail from Yum.

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