Swimming With Dolphins in Texas

Swimming With Dolphins in Texas
In Texas, there isn't anywhere to literally get into the water and swim with dolphins, but there are attractions that allow adults and children to interact, feed, and touch the dolphins. Sea World and Dolphin Connection are two such places. Sea World has dolphins in captivity and Dolphin Connection has dolphins in their natural habitat.

Sea World San Antonio

Sea World in San Antonio, Texas, has 'Dolphin Cove,' where visitors can see and feed fish to the bottlenose dolphins, but visitors are not allowed to touch the dolphins. Besides Dolphin Cove, there are several other activities, including water rides, roller-coasters, and other animal exhibits.

SeaWorld San Antonio
10500 SeaWorld Drive
San Antonio, TX, 78251
(800) 700-7786

Dolphin Connection

Dolphin Connection in Texas allows customers to meet free-roaming dolphins in their natural habitat. Customers are taken out on a boat and the dolphins swim up to the sides, allowing people to touch and interact with them. Customers get to see dolphins swim, jump, and play in the ocean. The trip takes between one and two hours.

Dolphin Connection
1300 Ocean
Ingleside, TX 78362
(361) 776-2887


Reservations are required at Dolphin Connection as they only allow six persons per trip. Trips fill up fast and reservations are recommended as far in advance as possible, especially in peak tourist seasons- spring and summer. Reservations are not required at Sea World.


Single-day adult admission to Sea World is $56.99 and a child's is $48.99. Visitors can then go to the Dolphin Cove, where they will pay $4 for 6 fish to feed the dolphins.

For Dolphin Connection, the cost for adults is $25 per person plus tax, children (12 and under) is $20 plus tax.

These reflect prices as of October 2009. Prices are subject to change.

Supplies Needed

In order to interact or touch dolphins at either Sea World San Antonio or Dolphin Connection, it is recommended that visitors wear breathable clothes that they don't mind getting wet. Dressing in layers when possible makes it easier to take off layers that have gotten wet. Wear wet shoes or tennis shoes that help decrease the chance of slipping into the water or on the side of the enclosure or boat. And if you're planning to use a camera, a waterproof model is suggested.

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