Famous Tourist Attractions in New York

Famous Tourist Attractions in New York
New York is the third largest state in the United States, by population, and is home to the most populous city in the country. When visiting New York, you may feel overwhelmed because of the multitude of tourist activities. Avoid the tourist traps and explore New York on your own terms.

Brooklyn Bridge

Walk or bike along the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the sun rise or set. The bridge starts in Manhattan at the intersection of Centre Street and Park Row, near the South Street Seaport. The bridge can get crowded with tourists later in the day, but a brisk early-morning run, or a nighttime bike ride across the bridge is comfortable and relaxing. Once you cross the bridge, get an ice cream cone at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Brooklyn Bridge has been a filming location in movies such as "I am Legend," starring Will Smith.

Brooklyn Bridge
Centre Street and Park Row
New York, NY 10038
(212) 360-3000

Central Park

Central Park is one square mile of nature, smack dab in the middle of midtown Manhattan. Central Park features a running and biking trail, which is also the location of the last three miles of the New York Marathon. If you'd rather relax than run, take your family to have a picnic at Sheep Meadow, watch a softball game or two at the Great Lawn, sunbathe on the large rocks throughout the park, or take a ride on the Central Park Carousel. Central Park has been featured in a multitude of films, including "When Harry Met Sally," "Sex and the City," and "The Devil Wears Prada."

Central Park
59th to 110th Street, between Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(212) 360-8245

New York Water Taxi

The New York Water Taxi is a more exciting way to get around New York City than pounding the pavement. The service provides ferry boats that shuttle passengers to several docking points in the city, including Chelsea, Battery Park, Hunter's Point, the South Street Seaport and the World Financial Center. Purchase a one-day pass to ride the Water Taxi as much as you want. At the end of the day, take a ride over to Water Taxi Beach, at the Hunter's Point dock. This man-made beach is a place to sit and have a drink after a long day of exploring.

New York Water Taxi
499 Van Brunt St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 643-0201


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