Guatemala Landmarks & Places of Interest

Guatemala Landmarks & Places of Interest
Guatemala is a South American country most known as the home of the ancient Mayan civilization. In addition to its historical sites, Guatemala boasts some of the world's best hiking, mountain biking and nature spots. According to the Association of Caribbean States, over 1 million tourists visit Guatemala each year to experience the outdoor adventures that can be found nowhere but Guatemala.

Guatemalan Highlands

The Guatemalan Highlands is a southern region of the country that has remained virtually untouched by man. Visitors come to the Highlands to hike, bike and explore the valleys surrounded by mountaintops and streams. Trails through the heart of the Guatemalan Highlands head over some of the country's largest volcanoes and through ancient Mayan villages and markets. Area hiking tours are offered for those who prefer a guided approach.

Cahabon River

Guatemala has many tropical rivers that are prime for white water rafting. The Cahabon river in east Guatemala winds among a jungle that is home to exotic creatures such as iguanas and toucans. This river leads to a limestone cavern and a hot springs where adventurous visitors can stop and explore.

Coyolate River

The Coyolate River flows through southwest Guatemala, through a tropical forest, says It is is home to blue herons, hawks, falcons, and even a few waterfalls that make this river perfect for white water rafting.

Acatenango and Fuego

According to, Guatemala has 33 volcanoes, many of which are accessible to adventurous hikers, bikers and mountain climbers. Two of Guatemala's highest volcanoes--Acatenango and Fuego--are open for four-wheeling tours up the mountains as well as scenic hikes. Camping spots between the two peaks offer one of the best spots to watch the sun rise.


Pacaya, an active volcano, gives visitors a chance to hike between hot lava rocks and catch a view inside of a volcanic crater, says Many other active and inactive volcanoes are accessible to the public and offer trails for both beginners and the more-advanced.

Altiplano Circuit

Mountain bikers in Guatemala can choose from a variety of trails to experience the untouched natural paths of the countryside. The Altiplano circuit takes bikers over 10,000 feet high in elevation through volcanoes, Mayan ruins and the Guatemalan Highlands.

Antigua Valley

Riding through the Antigua Valley gives bikers a chance to stop at macadamia nut farms, coffee plantations, and local markets, as well as three of Guatemala's volcanoes: Fuego, Agua and Acatenango, says

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