Reasons to Travel to Europe

Reasons to Travel to Europe
Europe offers a vast array of outdoor fun and adventure. From the iconic Alps that connect the mountainous heart of the continent to lovely coastal destinations like Italy's Cinque Terre, there are countless opportunities to savor your favorite outdoor activities all year long. Hiking, skiing and rafting are very popular and are wonderful ways to experience Europe's incredible environment. 

Cross-Continental Hiking

Hiking and backpacking through the beautiful countryside and cities of Europe is exciting. For long-distance hikers Europe offers 11 long-distance trails that stretch to almost every corner of the continent. Numbered E1 through E11, the Atlantic-Black Sea trails carve their way all through Europe. For example, there are trails that wind all the way from Portugal to Hungary or Sweden to Italy. Hike through historic sections of Spain, France, Germany, England, Switzerland and other European countries on a simple-to-navigate system of trails.

Of course, if long-distance isn't what you're looking for, any town or city in any European country boasts some of the best sightseeing in the world.  Paris, Rome, Berlin, London and Stockholm are just a few of the beautiful cities you can plan walking tours through for an unforgettable European experience.


Ski Europe

Europe offers some of the best skiing on the globe. There are phenomenal skiing opportunities in the birthplace of skiing, St. Christoph, Austria. France's Trois Vallées region is the largest ski area in the world. Its four ski resorts sit in the French Alps with unrivaled views. Cortina, Italy, is considered the European equivalent of Aspen. Klosters, Switzerland, is the British Royal Family's ski spot. There are beautifully scenic and challenging slopes as well as a seven-mile long run.

It is typical that snowfall in Europe tends to be best for skiing after the New Year, so if you are planning a ski trip to any of these places, or many other resorts it's probably best to book for January, February or March.

White Water Rafting Through Turkey

When thinking of Europe, Turkey is often excluded. While most of Turkey does lie in Asia, the far western territories are strictly European. Koprulu Canyon National Park is a rafting adventure for rafters of all levels, from novice to expert. The Koprulu River is grade 3 so it can be navigated by beginners while offering excitement for those more experienced. If you prefer hydrospeeding or kayaking over rafting those kinds of adventures are available, as well.

The park also opens itself to hiking and cycling. Another fun possibility might be taking a four-wheel drive excursion through the countryside, discovering ancient villages and cities.

Article Written By Nick Piche

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