The Best Places to Kayak Fish in California Saltwater

The Best Places to Kayak Fish in California Saltwater
California saltwater kayak fishing offers anglers a welcome change from the standard fishing routine. Rather than slipping on waders by the shore, those who love to fish can kayak to destinations generally only reachable by expensive charter boats. A source of exercise and environmentally sound, kayak saltwater fishing in California is popular from La Jolla all the way to Crescent City.

Channel Islands National Park

Paddle out into Channel Islands National Park for one of Southern California's most scenic fishing areas. With the exception of touristy Catalina Island, the Channel Islands Archipelago is almost completely devoid of humanity. In such inspiring scenery, it is not difficult to imagine the Chumash Indians, long ago the area's sole inhabitants, fishing these waters in their sewn-plank canoes. Yellowtail, calico and white sea bass, sheephead, bonito, barracuda, halibut and lobster are regular catches, and the islands are the home of numerous mammal species. To enjoy a trip here to its fullest, plan on camping within the park and then paddling out at sunrise. The east end of Anacapa Island is known as a good fly-fishing spot. Truth Aquatics of Santa Barbara regularly transports anglers to the islands.

Channel Islands National Park
1901 Spinnaker Drive
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 658-5730

Truth Aquatics
301 W. Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 962-1127

Monterey Bay

Head out to sea in one of the Central Coast's most popular kayak fishing areas. Monterey Bay is ripe with diverse marine species. Common catches include rockfish, ling cod, cabezon, and seasonal striped bass and halibut. In addition, the bay is home to predators such as leopard and blacktip reef shark. While waiting for the strike of a lifetime, anglers might catch a glimpse of some of the bay's other residents: bottlenose dolphins, squid, harbor seals and sea otters. The home of Cannery Row, Monterey is also famous for its tree-sized kelp forests. Monterey Bay Kayak Fishing Company's Blake Hawes has lived and fished in the area for 25 years and offers regular fishing tours as well as sound advice for those paddling out alone.

Monterey Bay Kayak Fishing Co.
Blake Hawes
P.O. Box 691
Monterey, CA 93942
(831) 2241-2114

Mendocino County

Travel north along Pacific Coast Highway to fish in California's Mendocino County. This area is best
fished during the spring and fall. Anglers can expect large populations of lingcod and rockfish as well as albacore, Chinook salmon, halibut and crab. Numerous operators in the area make prices competitive, and those who tire of fishing can take a break by hiking through the massive coastal redwoods found throughout the area. Those looking to rent equipment can do so through the Great White Kayak Company, which offers tours for all levels of skill.

Great White Kayak Company
(707) 535-9170

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