Tips for Traveling in Tuscany

Tips for Traveling in Tuscany
Tuscany in Italy, depicted through films, books and magazines, has enjoyed a popular appreciation. It offers travelers an unlimited array of choices, from adventure excursions, to gourmet food and wine, to sightseeing and spa luxuries. Tourism peaks in Tuscany in July and August. When planning your packing list, consider the following to ensure your trip is an enjoyable, memorable experience.

Clothes and Accessories

Tuscany enjoys a climate similar to that of the US--its cool months are December and January and warmest are July and August. Climate is usually mild, though there may be some cold nights. Pack for the temperature differentials by including layers--pack light T-shirts and cargo shorts for hiking, along with a windbreaker or light jacket to layer on top for the beginning or end of the hike. Broken-in, comfortable hiking shoes and thick socks are important, along with a protective sun hat and sunglasses. If your resort offers a pool, pack appropriate swimwear (bathing suits, cover ups, sun hat, water shoes, sunglasses) and sun block. Along with the appropriate clothes, don't forget to pack your passport and any medications you take daily (or anticipate requiring while on your trip).

Outdoor Recreation

Tuscany offers beautiful sights and exciting access to its countryside. Cyclists of all experience levels will enjoy everything from paved roads and rolling hills to off-road mountains. If you are participating in a cycling excursion, check with your tour guide to see whether bicycles and equipment are provided. If you are going on your own, remember to pack everything you require to maintain your equipment--air pumps, extra foot straps, grease and gear for yourself (gloves, riding shorts, etc). Tuscany offers hikers the opportunity for many beautiful day hikes. Pack equipment you'll need, including water bottles, towels, a waterproof backpack and snacks.

Where to Stay

Choosing where to stay in Tuscany is important as it will be your home away from home. Many bed and breakfasts offer an opportunity to stay with a host family in a welcoming setting while experiencing the local culture. Booking a stay in a farmhouse may give visitors the chance to interact with the homeowners and other guests, even helping with harvesting grapes or olives during the season. These farmhouses participate in agritourism, giving visitors the chance to experience rural Tuscan life during their vacation.

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