What to Bring on Vacation in Cancun

What to Bring on Vacation in Cancun
Cancun is a visual treat for the eyes, offering brilliant blue waters of the Caribbean, warm Mexican sun and outstanding white beaches. With nearly year-round sunny weather, Cancun provides the adventure traveler with endless opportunities to explore its beauty. Hiking trails, jungle forests, water sports and sightseeing tours give visitors a memorable vacation experience. To ensure the trip is a memorable experience, consider a few things when you create your packing list.


Your desired activities in Cancun will determine the type of clothing you pack. With an almost year-round climate of approximately 78 degrees, general warm weather clothes such as cargo shorts, light T-shirts, windbreakers, sandals and hiking shoes are your best bet. Don't forget swimwear (bathing suits, cover ups, sun hat, sunglasses, water shoes) for Cancun's beautiful blue oceans and resort pools. If you are going during Cancun's rainy season (September through November), pack a raincoat or shield and umbrella. For fine dining at one of Cancun's many upscale restaurants, women may pack a sundress and sweater; men, a light oxford and sports jacket.

Excursion Equipment

Tour opportunities are endless in Cancun. Whether you choose to hike the archaeological ruins of Tulum, go horseback riding or diving, your experiences will be memorable for a lifetime. Although tour operators will provide equipment such as oxygen tanks, wet suits, etc. (check your tour materials for more information), remembering to pack certain items will make your experience more enjoyable: Bring binoculars for bird watching or animal excursions, a protective sun hat and sunblock, broken-in shoes for hikes, an underwater camera for dolphin encounters and snorkeling, and any medication you may require while on the excursion.


Along with exciting adventurous excursions, Cancun offers an incredible amount of leisure and luxury time for you to enjoy. Your resort may have sporting options such as golf, ATV rides, tennis and more. Check the hotel's web site or inquire about whether the facility provides equipment or has rentals available. For sightseeing, pack a camera (and all associated equipment such as batteries, charger, additional film or digital disks), sunglasses and a waterproof purse or backpack. US dollars are accepted everywhere in Cancun; you will not have to exchange money, though you may see prices marked in pesos.

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