Things to Do in La Romana, Dominican Republic

Things to Do in La Romana, Dominican Republic
La Romana is a beach destination on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republican, serviced by both an international airport and cruise liners via its modern port facilities. Although most people come to La Romana for fun in the surf and sun, or to enjoy a few rounds of golf, the area also offers a number of opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Like so many destinations in the Caribbean, La Romana has a lot to offer in terms of underwater adventure. Visibility ranges between 60 and 100 feet, so even on an off day the local waters are still very clear. The immediate area has a selection of reefs, plus some ship wrecks. These sit in waters between 45 and 150 feet in depth, so there is something suitable for both novice and experienced recreational divers. However, snorkelers will want to head directly to Catalina Island, just offshore from La Romana. The shallower sites there are in 25 feet of water, which will place everything in easy visibility from the surface, and is within reach of a skin diver. Other, deeper sites are better for scuba divers. The island is the best place right around La Romana to see big fish, like grouper, reef sharks or barracuda. As is the norm, snorkelers can tag along on diving trips for a modest fee, and there are dedicated, snorkel-only trips to the island as well.

Sailing and Boating

Freshwater fishing in the La Romana area centers on the Chavon River, but most anglers turn their eyes towards deep sea fishing. The local catch includes wahoo, tuna, kingfish, sailfish, barracuda and marlin. The local marinas also offer plenty of sailing opportunities. It is more normal for visitors to charter a boat with a crew, but more adventurous spirits can arrange to rent a sailboat and take it out on their own. There are also kayaking trips, which can take the form of sea kayaking off the coast, going up the Chavon River, or both.

Inland Activities

In the hinterland north of La Romana is Hato Mayor, with is home to Cueva Fun Fun, the largest cave in the Caribbean. It is thoroughly explored, and visits take the form of guided tours. Ergo, avid cavers and the curious should treat it as a fun outing rather than a challenge. La Romana is also near the National Park of the East, which offers trails suitable for nature walks. It is a good place to go bird watching, as there are 144 types of tropical birds reported there.

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