List of Islands in Chagos Archipelago

List of Islands in Chagos Archipelago
Over sixty islands, many of which are comprised mostly of coral, make the Chagos Archipelago a popular photography, sea kayaking, fishing and snorkeling destination. Seven atolls, groups of islands, were the home of the Chagossian people, until their controversial removal in the 1960s. With white sand beaches, tropical foliage and exotic palm trees the Chagos Islands offer an island getaway that's largely untouched by civilization, with the exception of the Chagos' Salomon Islands and the U.S. Air Force's occupation of Diego Island.

Speakers Bank

Great Speakers Reef Island is the only section of this enormous coral reef that sits above the high water mark, making it an island. A drying cay, the land mass size changes often. Because it's at the top of the archipelago, this area is the final resting place of several large sailboats from the 1800s.

Blenheim Reef Islands in the Chagos Archipelago

The Blenheim Reef is the home of Île Du Milieu, Île Du Nord, Île Du Sud and Île De L'Est 9, also called East Island. During the mid 1800s, the area was mined for guano and phosphate.

Peros Banhos Islands

The islands of Peros Banhos are often divided into three groups, the Southwest Rim Islands, the Eastern islands and the Northwest Rim Islands. In the southwest group, there's Île Fouquet, Île du Coin, Île Anglaise, Mapou de l'Île du Coin, Île Gabrielle, Île Monpâtre and Île Poule.

The Northwest rim lies between the Moresby Channel and Passe de l'Île Poule, also called Passe Elisabeth and houses Petite Soeur and Grande Soeur, Île Verte, Île Finon, Île Manon, Île Diable, Île Pierre, Grande Île Mapou and Petite Île Mapou, Île Diamant and an unnamed island.

East of the southern channel and Moresby Channel, the eastern part of the Peros Banhos Islands is home to Île de la Passe, Île Saint-Brandon, Moresby Island, Île Parasol, Grande Île Bois Mangue, Île Longue, Île Manoël, Petite Île Bois Mangue, an unnamed islet, Grande Île Coquillage and Petite Île Coquillage, Île Yeye, Coin du Mire and Île Vache Marine.

Salomon Islands

Once home to a coconut plantation, the Salomon Islands are uninhabited, with the exception of the yachtsmen who anchor overnight or longer, to enjoy the scenery. The islands of Salomon are Île de la Passe, Île Takamaka, Île Mapou, Île Fouquet, Île Jacobin, Île Sepulture, Île du Sel, Île Poule, Île Diable, Île Boddam and Île Anglaise.

The Great Chagos Bank

Great Chagos Bank is the home of Danger Island and Nelson's Island, Eagle island, Sea Cow Island, Resurgent islands and Three Brothers, also called Trois Fréres.

Diego Garcia Islands

Diego Garcia Island is part of a grouping of islands that includes East Island, Middle Island, West Island and Anniversary Island, a sand bar. The entire group of islands is called Diego Garcia, and was the main home for the Chagossians.

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