The Best Vacation Spots in American Samoa

The Best Vacation Spots in American Samoa
The group of Islands that make up the American Samoa Islands is an area untouched by modern life. It is a space near more populated tourist attractions like Fiji, but houses no large international hotels or resorts. For a rugged vacation with a lot of adventure, these Islands can provide the perfect getaway.


The largest island is still much smaller and more secluded than surrounding islands in the South Pacific. Life is extremely traditional and the community lacks a strong backbone of commercial tourism. A handful of small family owned beach resorts provide tourists with shelter, but there are no commercial buildings. Offering local flair for water sports, swimming and diving, this small location is an ideal alternative for explorers craving something new.

Pago Pago

The capital of the islands is located on Tutuila. With a harbor setting, exciting coastline and virgin rain forests, this small town provides unlimited adventure. Besides swimming and boating, take a snorkel or scuba trip to the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary. This area is a protected coral reef inside a volcanic crater. It shelters all sorts of wildlife, including whales, turtles and sharks. The highest peak on the island, Matafao Peak is formed by volcanic rock and open to outdoor enthusiasts for bike rides or hikes.


A collection of three islands located about 70 miles east of Tutuila. Ofu, Olosega and Ta'u are non commercial and simple vacation spots absorbed in traditional life. With an approximate population of 1,700, Ta'u is thought to be ancient Samoa, the origin of much of the region's legends, history and oral tradition comes from. There are no hotels on the island; instead visitors can stay in family owned huts near the beach. The islands provide a great deal of ancient culture, wildlife and hiking for entertainment. Swimming, diving and sailing are all welcome.

Apia Town

The main center of tourism in the area provides a central location to explore the islands of American Samoa as well as Upolu, a larger island nearby. With several hotels and budget inns, anyone looking for a more traditional stay or hot shower will find what they need. With a spectacular harbor, all manner of water sports- from swimming, snorkeling and diving, to sailing and kayaking, as well as several areas of hiking and bike trails, this is one of the most active islands in the area.

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