Famous Villas in Northern Italy

Famous Villas in Northern Italy
Northern Italy is an area that is rich in culture and many activities. Most accommodations in Northern Italy provide the outdoorsy individual with plenty of things to enjoy. There are swimming pools, tennis courts and outdoor dining. There are plenty of lakes for boating; hot springs to explore and some of the accommodations are very rustic for the adventurer.

Il Sole di Ranco

The Il Sole di Ranco is in Ranco and is owned by the same family that has run the place for 150 years. There are 14 rooms at the Il Sole and it overlooks the lake, which makes it very quaint and homey. You'll find plenty of places to explore on the grounds, flowers to enjoy and a swimming pool to help you stay in shape during your stay. Room rates start at approximately $280 and run more than $500 per night.

Il Sole di Ranco
Piazza Venezia 5
Arese I-21020, Italy
(800) 735-2478

Villa La Meridiana/Az. Agrituristica Reine

Villa La Meridiana/Az. Agrituristica Reine is a working farm that the family has opened to the public and allows people to come and stay. There are orchards to walk through and livestock to see. You can eat homemade jam and real sheep's milk cheese. The rooms have been modified from horse stalls and offer a homey feel. From the beginning you will feel like you are staying with family. The cost is usually around $130 per night for a single and $170 for a double.

Villa La Meridiana/Az. Agrituristica Reine
Localita Altavilla, 9
12051 Alba CN
+39 017 3440112

Villa del Quar

Villa del Quar is just north of Verona and is another family estate that has been turned into a villa. Wander through the gardens, drink tea by while overlooking the vineyards, help harvest grapes or take a swim in the pool. The ceilings have exposed beams and a rustic feel that makes it an excellent place to stay. The cost is around $150 per night.

Hotel Villa del Quar
Via Quar, 12
37020 Pedemonte (Verona)
+39 045 6800681

La Cascina del Monastero

The La Cascina del Monastero is located among vineyards in La Morra. The villa is run by the di Grasso family and was once home to Benedictine monks. You will explore the old farmhouse, which now houses the villas. The farmhouse has been updated over the years and has a wine cellar that features the old wine-making equipment. The cost begins at around $120 per night per person.

La Cascina del Monastero
Cascina Luciani
112/a - Frazione Annunziata
12064 La Morra (CN) - Italia
+39 0173 50.92.45

Dolce Vita Villas

Dolce Vita Villas has several locations throughout northern Italy. It has villas on the slopes of the Alps, which is great for the skier. It also has villas in the heart of wine country so you can try your hand in making wine and harvesting the grapes. Costs average $170 per night.

Dolce Vita Villas
Strada Zuccararo n.
12, Bari, Italy
+44(0) 20 74360426

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