How to Convert a Flashlight to LED

How to Convert a Flashlight to LEDWith so many people becoming more environmentally conscious, one of the big trends is to "go green." Nearly any activity, project or item can be altered to help you go green. This includes flashlights. Get the same amount of light from a flashlight with less heat produced and have a more environmentally sound flashlight.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Flashlight
  • Wiring
  • Soldering Iron
  • LED
Step 1
Disassemble the flashlight. The top will unscrew from the handle and the bulb should be easy to pop out. Some, however, require you to unscrew the base that holds the light into place. Some flashlights will need some extra care in taking the bulb out of the base, but most will be easy to take it out without much fuss. Make sure to put all of the parts of the flashlight in easy reach so you can put them back together at the end of the project.
Step 2
Rewire the bulb. Take a soldering iron and remove the connecting solder from where the original bulb makes connection to the metal sleeve. You may need to pull the wire to break it loose from any remaining solder.
Step 3
Put the LED where the original bulb had rested. Make sure to align the LED's flat side to the negative connection. Solder the positive LED connection while holding the connector upside down. Pool the solder so it can contact to the center of the battery.
Step 4
Reassemble the flashlight. Put all the parts of your LED flashlight back together again. Turn on the flashlight. If you connected everything correctly, it should turn on and be as bright as or brighter than the original light. If the light doesn't turn on, you may need to switch the batteries from the regular way to the opposite way. If that doesn't work, you may need to rewire the flashlight again.

Article Written By Heather Broeker

Originally from North Carolina, Heather Broeker studied journalism and advertising at the University of North Carolina. After graduation she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked for Fox Searchlight, Fox Reality and later as a writer and marketing director. Broeker now lives in Los Angeles and runs Head Over Heels, a writing and public relations company.

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