How to Update a Passport

How to Update a Passport
You can update your passport in person, by mail or online at the US Department of State's website. Necessary updates include correcting information, changing your name, requesting additional visa pages or requesting replacement of a limited passport. Correcting printing errors, making name changes 1 year or less from the date of issue and requesting additional visa pages do not incur any additional fees. Changing your name more than 1 year from the date of issue or at any time without legal documentation will incur fees. Replacement of a limited passport may incur a fee as well.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Old passport Legal documentation to support needed change Applicable fees, if any New passport photos, if requested
  • Old passport
  • Legal documentation to support needed change
  • Applicable fees, if any
  • New passport photos, if requested
Step 1
Go to the US Department of State's web page (see Resources). Click on the sidebar menu on the left side of the page where it reads "Correcting or Changing Information in Your Passport."
Step 2
Look at the chart on the page titled "Correcting and Changing Your Passport," and decide which condition applies to you.
Step 3
Click on the correct form in the column and row that applies to your condition. Complete form DS-5504 to correct information anytime or make a name change 1 year from the date of issue for your passport. Use form DS-82 for name changes more than 1 year from date of issue. Form DS-11 plus additional documentation is required for any name change without legal documentation. Use form DS-4085 when requesting additional visa pages. Name changes without legal documentation must be submitted in person.
Step 4
Read all instructions on the entire form that applies to your needed changes before proceeding. Click on one of the buttons to complete the form online or to print a form for mailing. If you click "Print a blank form," it will have the name and number of the form you are about to print following the letters DS and a hyphen.
Step 5
Click your answer to each question on the form. A pop-up window appears; it will tell you how to get a copy of the information you are giving to the US Department of State. You cannot save a copy of your form to your computer when you apply online. Complete all questions and submit all required documents as requested.
Step 6
Mail your form and any fees, plus certified copies of all requested supporting documents to the address listed on your applicable form.

Tips & Warnings

US passports or enhanced state ID are now required to reenter the US by land and sea from anywhere in the world, including Canada and Mexico.
Make sure that you are on the official US Department of State web page. Many hoax and mirror sites either phish for your personal information or charge you fees in addition to those charged by the US Department of State to complete and submit forms.

Article Written By Jane Smith

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