How to Replace RV Awnings

How to Replace RV Awnings
From time to time, your RV awning may get damaged from the natural elements, excessive usage or old age. Once signs of damage, wear and tear begin to appear, it may be time to replace it. Since replacing RV awnings is not considered difficult, it's probably a task you can take on by yourself.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Step 1
Go through the RV instruction manual. If your awning came with your RV, then the instructions for replacing the awning should be included in your instruction manual. Read the manual to gain an understanding of how the awning is put together and the potential dangers that may arise in replacing the fabric part of the awning.
Step 2
Analyze the extent of damage. In most cases, only the awning fabric needs to be replaced. The need to replace the whole unit, which includes the awning frame, only happens in rare cases when the awning frame is bent or broken. Replacing the awning fabric is much easier than replacing the whole thing, so if the damage is only to the fabric portion of the awning you can simply replace the fabric.
Step 3
Estimate manpower needed. An important thing to consider is your manpower limitations. Generally, the bigger the size of the awning, the more work and energy needed to replace the awning. If the awning is big, it is advisable for you to get someone to help you. This makes the job easier and sometimes even safer.
Step 4
Buy or order parts. After you're done assessing the damage, order the parts you need for the replacement. You can contact the RV manufacturer or go to the local hardware or camping store. If the parts you need are not in stock, you can usually order them.
Step 5
Set up the awning. When you have all the parts you need, replace the awning. Begin by removing the old awning fabric from the frame. Awnings are usually attached to the frame in two ways. They are either fastened by snaps or fastening tape. Remove the awning fabric carefully by unsnapping the fabric or tearing the fastening tape from the awning frame. You can also cut the fabric off the frame.
Step 6
Lay out the new awning cloth. Once you're done removing the old awning fabric, lay out the new fabric flat on the ground or any other flat surface. Lay the new fabric out so that the bottom of the fabric is facing up.
Step 7
Place the frame on the awning cloth. Place the frame on top of the fabric. You may need a helper to hold the frame in place so it doesn't move while you work to fasten the cloth to the frame. Be sure to fasten the cloth at regular intervals around the frame. The new cloth typically comes with snaps or fastening tape that allows you to attach the cloth to the frame.
Step 8
Smooth it out. Once you're done fastening the awning in place, make sure the awning is laying flat, smooth and taut to the frame. If it is not smooth and flat, continue to extend and retract the awning several times to smooth it out.

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