How to Choose a BMX Bike

How to Choose a BMX Bike
BMX bicycle super-cross is a high-adrenaline sport in which cyclists perform spinning stunts and aerial acrobatics. Designed for rough dirt tracks and rugged terrain, BMX bikes come in a variety of styles. Mini and junior bikes are smaller and made for kids, while expert and pro bikes are larger and made for teens and adults. Pick one of the following BMX bike models, depending on the type of riding you want to do.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Riding gloves
Step 1
Choose a standard BMX bike if you are looking to ride in a dirt-track racing context. The standard BMX bike has knobby tires and a lightweight frame, making it easier to navigate on rugged trails and racing tracks. Built for speed and durability, standard BMX bikes generally use 20-inch wheels and chrome, steel or aluminum frames. Aluminum is the superior choice because it weighs less and is rustproof. This kind of bike only uses rear brakes.
Step 2
Select a freestyle BMX bike if you want to ride at concrete skate parks and perform tricks on pavement. With thicker frames and tires as well as axle pegs, freestyle bikes are designed for stationary stunts and free-riding at skate parks. These bikes are not built for speed, but they are more durable and equipped with both rear and front brakes for more trick variety and control. The brake cables are routed through a detangler device that allows you to spin the handlebars 360 degrees without tangling the wires.
Step 3
Get a jumper BMX bike if you are looking for aerial acrobatics and amplitude. Jumper bikes are a hybrid style, mixing elements of freestyle and standard BMX bikes. Slightly bulkier in the frame but lighter than freestyle models, jumper bikes have thicker wheel spokes to handle the impact of landing a jump. The tires also have a heavier tread for superior traction when taking off and landing. Only the back tires come equipped with brakes. Jumper bikes are perfect for taking flight off of ramps.

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