How to Throw a Baitcaster

How to Throw a Baitcaster
Baitcasters are a basic reel used in fishing and one of the main reels used in bass fishing. They offer greater accuracy over reel rods and allow sports enthusiasts to use thicker, heavier lines to catch larger fish. Learning how to throw a baitcaster can be tricky because of the reel's weight and the speed in which the line is released.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Turn the spool tension knob to tighten the line. Test the line's tension by pressing the freespool button and slowly releasing it. If the line drops slowly in a smooth straight line, the tension is set correctly. If the line drops too quickly, the tension needs to be tightened. A loose line can cause bird's nesting when the lure is cast; this is where the line becomes tangled within the reel.
Step 2
Press the spool release with button with your thumb and hold. Turn the rod so the spool handle is facing up.
Step 3
Gradually release your thumb's pressure on the freespool button as you cast the line out to the water. When the lure is over the targeted area, remove your thumb from the button and place it on the spool.
Step 4
Brake the spool using your thumb to stop the line's release when the lure hits the water.

Tips & Warnings

Practice is the key in learning how to successfully throw a baitcaster. Practice casting for a few hours in your yard before heading out to the lake. Keep practicing until you get a feel for it and you'll soon be casting like a pro.
Start out using heavier weights when first learning how to baitcast; this will give you more control over the reel. As you gain casting accuracy through practice, you can gradually downsize the weights.
Don't attempt to cast into the wind; this can create a backlash with the line.

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