How to Book a Round the World Trip

How to Book a Round the World Trip
Whether you are taking a bare-bones backpacking trip in your early 20s or planning a post-retirement excursion to celebrate your newfound freedom, traveling around the world is an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life. Plan out every step carefully, but be ready for unexpected changes to your schedule. You never no what challenges and opportunities you may face on the open road.


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Step 1
Decide on the type of around the world trip you want. Would you prefer to spend a long time at a few locations or hop around and see as much as possible in the time you have? Would you like to plan everything out ahead of time or give yourself a chance to wing it and explore in between big stops?
Step 2
Budget your time. At minimum you will need one or two months, but six months or more is a better timeframe for an around-the-world trip. You should also plan out how much money you can realistically spend. The writers of the around-the-world travel blog Thirteen Months estimate that the average trip costs about $4,000 a month for two people including travel, but your trip could be more or less expensive depending on where you go and what level of comfort you expect.
Step 3
Choose a mode of transportation. The simplest way to see the world is by booking an around-the-world cruise. This reduces the amount of planning you have to do greatly since stops, accommodations and most meals are already planned out for you. Flying is a more flexible way of traveling, and gives you the opportunity to spend a lot of time at your destinations. If you are an adventurous traveler, you may want to combine flying with cruises, local buses and trains, mountain biking or even canoing and kayaking.
Step 4
Go to a website specializing in around-the-world trips such as Airtreks or BootsnAll and enter all your stops to book your ticket. If your plans are flexible, check out the special multi-leg trips for savings on certain routes. If you are traveling primarily by boat, pick a cruise from World Cruise Central or a similar site.
Step 5
Book hotels, hostels, safaris and other accommodations and travel reservations. Don't schedule everything too tightly. Allow for some flexibility, especially if you're relying on local buses and trains---you may encounter delays or sudden schedule changes and many local transport options don't take reservations.
Step 6
Reserve tickets for festivals, concerts and other cultural events you intend to catch.

Tips & Warnings

If you want to travel around the world but don't have the money, consider teaching English as a second language. You may be able to live quite comfortably abroad and finance regional travels off your earnings.

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