How to Fix a Camper Awning

How to Fix a Camper Awning
Relaxing beneath the shade of an awning after a long hike or day on the road is one of the pleasures of owing a camper. Ensure the longevity of your awning by keeping it clean and fixing tears early before they become a larger problem that will need to be repaired by a professional technician. Most small rips can be mended without removing the entire awning. Note that awning removal is a dangerous process due to the spring-loaded mechanisms in the unit and should only be performed by a professional.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Water-based cleaning solution
  • Clear awning repair tape
  • Clean board or other flat portable surface
  • Towel
Step 1
Search the canvas for tears, dirt, mold or mildew. Cleanse the area you will be repairing well with a non-abrasive, water-based cleanser on both sides of the awning surface. Rub gently so as to not further open the tear.
Step 2
Dry the cleansed area well using a towel or other absorbant cloth, making sure to remove as much wetness as possible before leaving it to air dry, if necessary. The area must be completely free from moisture before applying a tape seal.
Step 3
Grab a clean, flat surface such as a board or other level plane, and place it underneath the tear. Smooth the cloth over the board, pressing the tear closed as much as possible. Apply the repair tape. Note that once the tape touches the canvas it cannot be removed, so be sure the piece you use is sized properly and placed carefully over the tear. Smooth out any ripples in the canvas that appear under the tape.
Step 4
Apply a second piece of tape if you misapplied the first or did not properly cover the tear.
Step 5
Turn the canvas over, reposition the board and apply a piece of tape to the other side of the surface. Repeat the process on all rips or tears.

Tips & Warnings

Tears larger than two inches are not recommended for spot-surface repair.
Prevent mold or mildew from forming on awnings by lowering one of the corners for drainage.
Maintain all metal awning hardware by keeping it clean and well-lubricated.
Do not try to remove tape from the canvas once applied.
Extreme caution should be used when attempting to remove an entire awning from its hardware.

Article Written By Abaigeal Quinn

Abaigeal Quinn works as an international entertainment broker in the United States. She is a former news editor and insurance agent who began writing for a daily newspaper in 1995.

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