How to Remove Cosmoline From Skis

How to Remove Cosmoline From Skis
One of the most common materials used to wax skis is cosmoline. The yellow-brown, waxy material is the consistency of a thick ointment such as petroleum jelly. Cosmoline helps to protect the skis from rust and offers a smoother ride for skiers, but it needs to be removed before you apply a new layer. Although there are multiple ways to remove cosmoline from your skis, the most environmentally friendly and least caustic way is preferred by most.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Skis
  • Large stock pot
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Clean rags
  • Cotton swabs
  • All-purpose cleaner
Step 1
Place your skis somewhere that will allow you to make a mess. Consider laying them somewhere in your garage or driveway. If you live in an apartment, putting them in your bathtub may be your best bet, if they fit.
Step 2
Fill your stock pot with water and heat until it boils.
Step 3
Pour the hot water over the skis to melt the worst of the cosmoline. Make sure to wet one of your rags in the hot water before you dump it over the skis.
Step 4
Put on your rubber gloves and wipe additional cosmoline from your skis with a hot rag, rinse it out in hot tap water and repeat. Use cotton swabs for hard to reach areas around the bindings.
Step 5
Spray your skis with your favorite, gentle, all-purpose cleaner and wipe it away with another clean, hot rag.
Step 6
Wipe your skis with a clean, dry rag to make sure the cosmoline is completely removed. If you see areas that are still coated, repeat Steps 2 through 5 as necessary.

Tips & Warnings

Cosmoline is a highly flammable substance so be sure to avoid direct heat or flame.

Article Written By Jessica Morelock

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