Canopy Tent Instructions

Canopy Tent Instructions
A canopy tent is useful to provide shade or shelter during parties, camping trips or other outdoor events. Canopy tents generally consist of just a roof, although some models may also have screened sides extending from the canopy to keep out unwanted insects. Canopy tents can be quickly and easily constructed by two or more people at the desired site. A simple canopy tent can allow outdoor activities to continue during light rain and without worry of sunburn.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Canopy tent Roof poles and connectors Leg poles (about eight)
  • Canopy tent
  • Roof poles and connectors
  • Leg poles (about eight)
Step 1
Separate the roof poles from the leg poles. The roof poles may be longer than the leg poles and there will likely be more of them. Most canopy tents have eight leg poles, which will all be the same size. Any remaining poles are most likely roof poles.
Step 2
Construct the roof of the canopy tent on the ground. Use the connectors to create squares from the roof poles and then join them together to create the desired size of the canopy roof. The tent poles should slide easily into the connectors.

The easiest approach is to connect four evenly-sized squares to make a large rectangle that can be bent into a gentle peak along the center poles.
Step 3
Cover the frame of the roof with the canvas or fabric part of the canopy. There should be ties located at the four corners and along the length of the canopy top. Some canopies may have grommets where ties can be threaded through and affixed to the frame. Attach the ties to the roof frame to hold everything firmly together.
Step 4
Insert the leg poles into one side of the canopy at a time until the canopy is standing upright.

Tips & Warnings

Remove snow from the roof of the canopy, as the weight may cause the tent to collapse.

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