Installing a Camper Awning

Installing a Camper Awning
A camper awning provides shade on sunny days and shelter from rain when sitting outside your camper. They are made to fit a variety of vehicles, but some are specific to one type of camper. When installing your awning, follow the instructions that came with it.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • RV awning
  • Installation instructions
  • Screwdriver and hardware
  • Power drill
Step 1
Measure the length of the awning and then decide exactly where to install the brackets and hardware to attach the awning to the camper. Usually along the side of the camper above the windows is the best option. Consult your awning installation instructions or camper documentation for exact placement of the brackets. Also note that some awnings mount directly to the camper without brackets; in this case, simply find a place to mount the awning directly to the camper.
Step 2
Mark drill holes (if necessary) to install the awning attachment brackets on the camper with a marker. Double check your measurements before you drill any holes. Install the hardware to mount the camper awning.
Step 3
Attach the camper awning to the brackets by sliding the awning completely into the slots. Next, hand tighten the screws to secure the awning in place. Do not use a power driver, as it may break or strip the bolts.
Step 4
Extend the awning by hand (using a step ladder to reach the awning) until the end is fully extended, or at a distance that you are satisfied with. This requires a quick adjustment of the tension springs, which are controlled through knobs on each side of the awning.
Step 5
Extend the supports out and then place them against the bottom of the camper. Mark the holes to attach these arms to the body of the camper (or attachment plate if one is provided).
Step 6
Check to ensure the supports are placed at floor level on your camper. Attach the supports using the provided hardware. Close the awning to make sure the support arms close completely with the awning.

Tips & Warnings

Awning supports are designed to be placed on the ground with stakes, so attaching them to the camper is your choice. However, the awning will be more sturdy when the supports are attached to the RV.

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