RV Hot Water Tank Installation

RV Hot Water Tank Installation
A recreational vehicle is meant to boost the quality of life of the owner, allowing him increased opportunity to explore, relax and enjoy life. However, owning an RV does require some amount of work if it is to be maintained properly. One of the most important elements of RV care is the water tank. If you need to replace a current tank and install a new one, the process be completed in a few steps.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Water tank with provided installation materials
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
Step 1
Connect the cold water outlet and the hot water inlet and the gas lines to the new tank. Slide the unit into the appropriate water tank cutout on the RV until it is flush with the side. Be sure the access door is facing outward.
Step 2
Pull the gas line tubing through the appropriate opening in the heater.
Step 3
Bend the flanges to a 90-degree angle. Caulk around the opening in order to prevent water leaks.
Step 4
Screw in the provided brackets around the four corners of the heater.
Step 5
Attach the access door by snapping the provided hinge pin into the clip and sliding the cover on top of the hinge pin. Finally, slide the hinge pin into the cover and snap it into the clip at the same time.
Step 6
Open the acess door of the water tank and install screws around the perimeter of the flange of the water heater housing.
Step 7
Turn on the gas and check for gas leaks before filling the tank with water. After filling, check for water leaks.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure the drain plug is in place before filling the tank.
For ease of installation, apply pipe lubricant when connecting the hot- and cold-water couplings.
Never allow water to sit in the tank when the RV is not in use during freezing temperatures, as the tank may crack.

Article Written By Gail Logan

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