Pond Fishing Technique

Pond Fishing Technique
Often overlooked, ponds can provide good fishing for bass and other species. Large bass can be found in many small ponds (See Reference 1). The easy access that a pond provides makes it a good choice for a family outing or for introducing children to fishing. A private pond that has been managed for fishing can produce spectacular catches (See Reference 2). Fish that pond next time, and you might find yourself surprised with the fish you catch.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Mini-bass boat Fishing tackle and lures
  • Mini-bass boat
  • Fishing tackle and lures
Step 1
Approach the farm pond carefully so as not to spook the fish. Use a mini-bass boat or a canoe so you can fish the shoreline. Many ponds are ringed by thick vegetation, which can make fishing tough if you do not have a boat.
Step 2
Target bass in the spring by using jigs and spinners fished slow. Bass will be sluggish because of the cold weather, so don't get in a hurry.
Step 3
Switch to topwater lures and crankbaits as the water warms. Bass will become more aggressive as the temperature rises. Fish spinner baits and jigs at a faster pace.
Step 4
Slow down again as fall approaches and the water cools. Work your lures around any drop-offs or structure in the pond at a slow pace.
Step 5
Try using smaller lures and light line when pond fishing. Live bait under a bobber can also be productive.

Tips & Warnings

Use caution when walking or wading around the shoreline. Wear a life jacket at all times.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

Daniel Ray has been writing for over 15 years. He has been published in "Florida Sportsman" magazine. He holds an FAA airframe and powerplant license and FCC radiotelephone license, and is also a licensed private pilot. He attended the University of South Florida.

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