How to Get an Airline Ticket Refund

How to Get an Airline Ticket Refund
A lot of outdoors travelers do not know that if they purchase airline tickets through the major airlines, they may be entitled to a discount for a drop in fare price after the ticket purchase on nonrefundable tickets. Airlines do not widely advertise the ability to request a refund for a price drop. If you purchase your ticket through an online ticket broker or travel agent, you may not be able to request a refund on your tickets because of the nature of the agreements between ticket brokers and the major airlines. A lot of the discount airlines, such as Spirit, Frontier, and AirTran, also do not provide a mechanism to request a refund once your ticket is purchased.


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Step 1
Confirm the terms of service with the agency you purchased your airline tickets through regarding ticket refunds. If you cannot find the refund policy information on the ticket purchase website, you can call the ticketing and booking department of the agency to verbally request the refund policy.
Step 2
Identify the method of refund request that your ticketing agency supports. Most of the major airlines that support ticket refunds will require you to request the refund via the telephone. They will also require you to ask for the refund when the ticket price is actively lower than your booked tickets before the departure of your flight.
Step 3
Give the ticketing information to the ticket agency to include your full name, ticket number and frequent flier account number (if used with the booking of the ticket) when requesting your fare difference refund. If you did not purchase the tickets, you will need to have the person who bought them make the request for refund with the ticketing agency.
Step 4
Provide the ticketing agency your contact information to include mailing address, phone number and email address when requesting your fare difference refund. The agent should give you a confirmation number to reference the telephone transaction. Most airlines will provide your refund in the form of travel vouchers that can be used against future airline tickets.

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