How to Find Trout Bait Along the Trail

How to Find Trout Bait Along the TrailTrout bait may be defined by a wide range of foods which a trout may find enticing. There are literally hundreds of baits which will lure a trout, including spinners, spoons, minnows, flies, spinners, corn, salmon eggs and worms. However, when seeking food a trout may like while hiking or surviving the choices are limited to what may exist along the trail. A great place to find trout bait begins with locating an old stump.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Decaying stump or limb
  • Knife
Step 1
Locate an old stump or downed limb along side or just off the trail. Larger pieces of wood such as tree limbs and stumps which are decaying are excellent sources of worms, bugs and larvae.
Step 2
Carefully examine the stump or limb for evidence of snakes. Do not begin the search for bait without first making sure the stump or limb is not being used by a snake that could be poisonous.
Step 3
Locate any burrows or round openings in the wood which may indicate where worms or insect larvae may exist. Use the knife to pry away wood, exposing potential bait.
Step 4
Peel away any bark. Look for insects or larvae located just beneath the bark. This is often times an ideal place to find ants, centipedes and other suitable baits.
Step 5
Using the knife, dig around the base of the decaying wood. Pay particular attention to any soft areas of soil where the wood is decomposing and the soil is rich. This will be a prime spot for earth worms or night crawlers.

Tips & Warnings

Work through the stump taking care to observe all possibilities where insects, larvae, or worms may be located.
Use extreme caution when working around decaying wood. Watch for spiders and other insects which could prove to be poisonous.

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