Tips for Camping in a Tent During Rain

Tips for Camping in a Tent During RainRainy weather can turn the most highly anticipated wilderness outing into a soggy and miserable experience. But taking a few simple precautions will prevent a little liquid sunshine from ruining your fun. Rain or shine, the key to successful camping , as every Boy Scout knows, is to be prepared!


Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • Seam sealer
  • Plastic or vinyl ground cloth
  • Resealable plastic bags
  • Tarp
  • Raincoat or rain poncho
  • Games, books or other diversions
  • Weather radio
Step 1
Weatherize your tent each spring. Purchase a sealing product at a camping or sporting goods store and apply it liberally to all of your tent's seams.
Step 2
Prepare for rain before you leave home, even if the forecast calls for dry conditions. Make sure to pack a raincoat or rain poncho. Put matches and extra socks in resealable plastic bags. Remember to bring a plastic or vinyl ground cloth. If you have space, bring along a weather radio and a large tarp, as well as games, books or other diversions.
Step 3
Avoid low-lying areas when pitching your tent. Otherwise you might wake up after a rainy night in the middle of a pond.
Step 4
Put the ground cloth under your tent to help keep the floor dry. Deploy the tent's rain fly when inclement weather threatens. You can also tie a tarp over the tent by using nearby trees. Remember to make one corner of the tarp lower than the rest so rainfall can drain off.
Step 5
Stow gear so that nothing is touching the tent's interior walls. This will prevent moisture from getting inside.
Step 6
While confined to the tent on a rainy day, pass the time reading a book, playing games or taking a nap.

Tips & Warnings

Listen to weather radio periodically so you'll know about any severe-weather advisories.
Consider retreating to your vehicle or any other sturdy shelter that is available if severe weather approaches.

Article Written By Kirk Brown

Kirk Brown is an award-winning freelance writer with two decades of diverse media experience. A former newspaper reporter and editor, he also was managing editor of an acclaimed scuba diving magazine. Brown has written scripts for more than 50 half-hour TV programs focusing on technology and health topics.

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