How to Go to Bermuda by Cruise

How to Go to Bermuda by Cruise
There are many ways to travel, whether by road, rail or air, but many people elect to take a cruise because it can be a relaxing vacation that is an excellent value for your vacation dollar. Bermuda is a popular choice for those who opt to cruise; in addition to its soft coral beaches, balmy weather and brightly colored homes, Bermuda offers cycling, walking and birding tours as well as guided tours of its nature reserves.


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How to Cruise to Bermuda

Step 1
Choose the time of year you want to cruise. Bermuda is a seasonal setting, and cruise lines only sail there during what is referred to as the "beach season"--April through October. November through March is the "golf and spa" season; while the weather is still pleasant during the day, the only travel option at that time is taking a flight.
Step 2
Pick a cruise line that has cruises that meet your needs and offers amenities that are important to you. There are a number of lines from which to choose: Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line are a few. Each company offers trips of varying lengths and points of departure.
When considering amenities and atmosphere, for instance, Carnival has gained a reputation for being relaxed and informal, whereas Holland America requires sport jackets for men at dinner, and Royal Caribbean goes as far as offering tuxedo rentals on board. Websites such as or feature reviews and comments from other cruisers that are helpful to sort out which lines will cater to your specific wishes.
Step 3
Prepare any official paperwork you might need to visit Bermuda. The requirements vary by citizenship, but passports are typically required. U.S. citizens, once required only to have a photo ID and birth certificate to enter Bermuda by ship, must carry passports.
Step 4
Pack appropriately. Include a mix of clothing that is appropriate for chilly and warmer weather, and sunscreen is always a must. Water sports and golf are favorites in Bermuda. If you can't bring along your own gear, you can rent equipment from most third-party operators who provide activities and excursions while you're in port. is a resource that will provide specific information on available activities.

Tips & Warnings

Consider buying travel insurance. Storms can disrupt your trip later in the season.

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