How to Travel by Train in Austria

How to Travel by Train in Austria
One of the must-do things while traveling around Europe is to travel by train, and in Austria, most of the points of interest are well-connected by rail. Whether it be to take in some history or go hiking in the Alps, the Austrian rail system can get you to the place you need to go efficiently and comfortably. Traveling by train is just a simple matter of sorting out the timetable and making sure you have the right set of tickets and reservations for the train that best suits your needs.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Austrian Train Office timetable book EuroRail Austria Pass
  • Austrian Train Office timetable book
  • EuroRail Austria Pass
Step 1
Use an Austrian Train Office (OBB--German abbreviation) timetable book or the OBB website to select your route. For example, there are three trains going from Vienna to Innsbruck most days of the week.
Step 2
Compare the travel times and features of these trains. Of the three trains mentioned for Vienna to Innsbruck, one is a high-speed Inter-City Express (ICE) train.
Step 3
Skip to getting a EuroRail Austria Pass if you intend to see a lot of different Austrian sites in a short space of time. This grants three to eight days of train travel within Austria inside a one-month period, and in 2009 it started at 69 euros.
Step 4
Check to see if the train you are traveling on requires reservations. These must be purchased separately from the ticket when required, and are not included as part of a EuroRail pass.
Step 5
Bring a snack and drinks with you on the train, and maybe a picnic if you will be traveling during a mealtime. While the train may have a dining car, you will save money by packing your own stuff, and you will have more space and freedom of movement than on any airplane.

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