How to Purchase an Amtrak Ticket

How to Purchase an Amtrak Ticket
In the United States, the most comfortable way to travel long distances on the ground is by using Amtrak, the semi-public national train service. There's nothing like a day riding through the flat expanses of Nebraska and Iowa to truly understand the size of the United States. In order to get on the train, you'll need to purchase a ticket first. There are a few ways to do this: you can go to a travel agent, who may be able to get special deals, or you can do it yourself by going on Amtrak's website or to your local Amtrak office.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Go to (see Resources). On the front page there is a helpful window to enter your information: dates, departures and arrivals.
Step 2
Enter your information, then click "next." The next page will help you narrow down your choices. Though Amtrak rail serves most major metropolitan areas in the country, many towns and cities (especially those in the Midwest) are left out. If Amtrak doesn't serve where you need to leave from or where you're going, you'll need an alternative form of transportation such as a bus (which Amtrak also provides).
Step 3
Select your route. After you have your destination and departure in, a set of different itineraries will come up that match your choices. Some will be by train, others by bus. Select the route that appeals to you most by clicking on the dot next to it and pressing "view fare."
Step 4
Review and pay for the ticket. Enter your contact and payment information. After confirming everything and paying, the ticket will be available at the station the day of your trip, either from a Quik-Trak kiosk or the ticket office window.


Article Written By Vincent Runyon

Vincent Runyon is a writer working out of Portland, Ore. His work has been featured in "The Oregon Voice" and "Portland Monthly." Runyon received two bachelor's degrees from the University of Oregon. His greatest passions are traveling to new and different places and enjoying a good basketball game. Usually the two are mutually exclusive.

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