Vacation With Children in New Zealand

Vacation With Children in New Zealand
For an exotic trip with young children, New Zealand can be ideal. Comprised of two main land masses, the North Island and the South Island, the area offers an enormous amount of culture while not being overwhelming for young children. Known for its geographic isolation, children can experience distinctive wildlife, plants and people. The islands also offer an array of indoor, outdoor and water activities, so every kid and family is likely to find something they will fall in love with.


Difficulty: Moderate


Step 1
Plan for an extended flight. Expect to be on the plane for about 12 hours. Bring plenty of activities to keep busy. If possible, schedule a stopover in one of several locations along the way.
Step 2
Visit a range of museums, including the Otago Museum in Dunedin, zoos and other tourist stops. Many have guided tours aimed at entertaining and educating children. Check with hotels and individual sites to schedule a time (see Resources).
Step 3
Ride the Christchurch Gondola, which takes adventurous travelers on a trip far above the city. The Gondola makes it possible to see Pegasus Bay and the Southern Alps from 1,500 feet above sea level.
Step 4
Explore New Zealand's unique plant and animal life. Several companies offer guided hikes and tours through both the North and South islands. Take advantage of seeing the area's most well known resident--the kiwi--in its natural habitat.

Travel Preparation

Step 1
Get your passport. Every traveler, even minors, must have a valid passport before going to New Zealand. If your trip includes driving on either island, a valid New Zealand driver's license must be obtained.
Step 2
Check into your hotel, resort or campground. All manner of lodging exists on both islands. Very inexpensive hotels, luxury resorts and campgrounds are all available at varying price points. The warmest time of year is between December and February, so make plans accordingly.
Step 3
Experience traditional New Zealand life and make a stop in Ko Tane Village, a living Maori village which celebrates the indigenous people of the area. Visitors will be treated to traditional dancing, food and customs, as well as experience a different way of life. Kids can learn a few Maori words, and experience art created from that perspective.

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