How to Make a Folding Camp Kitchen

How to Make a Folding Camp KitchenFor most campers, cooking is another part of the great outdoors experience. In cases where you are camping with no man-made facilities, a folding camp kitchen is a handy platform from which to prepare food. These collapsible platforms offer a place to prepare food, set up a camp stove and wash dishes. And while they may be purchased for a few hundred dollars, some do-it-yourself campers prefer to make their own.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Two 1/2-inch plywood sheets
  • 1x2 board (24 feet long)
  • Carpenter's level
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • 6 door hinges
  • Cabinet latch
  • 2 bungee cords
  • Collapsible trash can
  • Collapsible water containers
  • Collapsible cooler
  • Screw hooks
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Plastic trash sacks
  • Polythene tile
  • Latex primer
Step 1
Cut the plywood into two sheets measuring 3 feet wide by 4 feet long. Measure and cut the 1x2 board into 24 equal lengths. Sand the edges of all the wooden pieces smooth.
Step 2
Lay the plywood pieces on a flat surface so they form an L shape. Place a hinge at each corner of the longer plywood pieces so that the hinge's joint faces inward. Use a carpenter's pencil to mark the screw holes for these hinges. Then place two more hinges at the outside turn of the L, and mark them the same way.
Step 3
Center the cabinet latch over the seam where the plywood pieces meet so each half of the latch will be attached to one piece of plywood. Mark the screw holes to attach these pieces.
Step 4
Using a screwdriver, attach all the hardware. Then attach the flat end of each board to the other end of the hinges to form legs that fold inward. Flip the kitchen table pieces over, one at a time, ensuring that the legs are upright. Join the two pieces of the table together at the cabinet latch.
Step 5
Coat the top of the counter surface with latex primer. Then place Polythene tile over this to form a waterproof surface that is suitable for food preparation.
Step 6
Attach screw hooks to the underside of your collapsible kitchen counter to hang your kitchen utensils on. Set up a collapsible cooler and line it with a garbage bag for a handy dish washing tub. Set up a collapsible garbage container and line it with another garbage bag for a quick place to throw your food scraps.
Step 7
Tear down your collapsible kitchen by detaching it at the cabinet hinge, flipping it over so that the polyethylene tile side is face-down, and folding the legs inward. Then fold your collapsible garbage bag and cooler and place it with your utensils on the underside of the table. Place the other table on top of this to create a sandwich effect. Hold the two sides together for quick-and-easy transport with bungee cords.


Article Written By Tracy Morris

Tracy Morris has been a freelance writer since 2000. She has published novels and numerous online articles. Her work has appeared in national magazines and newspapers including "Ferrets," "CatFancy," "Lexington Herald Leader" and "The Tulsa World." She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Arkansas.

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