How to Change Amtrak Tickets

How to Change Amtrak Tickets
Simple mistakes made while ordering train tickets can result in unnecessary stress over a purchase that you can't use due either to an incorrect location or an inconvenient schedule. Amtrak customers, however, can change reservations at no additional cost. The steps below outline how best to find the itinerary you need and change your Amtrak ticket reservations to reflect your desired schedule.


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Step 1
Use the Amtrak "Fare Finder" function on the website to research alternative itineraries (see Resources). Enter the planned departure and arrival locations for the ticket(s) that must be changed, as well as the appropriate departure time and arrival time. Enter the number of passengers you need itinerary changes for in the "Passengers" section. Click "Next" to go to the Train Selection page.
Step 2
Select a train service from the list appearing on the Train Selection page that better suits your travel needs. You will not be ordering these tickets, so don't select "View Fare," which will bring you to a different website. Rather, record pertinent information about your selected itinerary on a notepad to reference later. Important information includes the name and number of your service, departure and arrival stations, the time of departure and the time of arrival.
Step 3
Call Amtrak at (800) USA-RAIL, or (800) 872-7245, to change your ticket registration. When presented with the menu of options, press "0" from your touch-tone phone to select live agent assistance. Make sure to have your previously purchased tickets, your credit card and the information you recorded earlier on hand. This will help the Amtrak representative gather the information necessary to change your reservations.
Step 4
Present your previously purchased tickets to the Amtrak ticket counter before boarding your train. You must return these tickets before your new ticket itinerary can be presented to you. If you had not received your tickets before changing your reservations, simply enter your new registration number into the automatic Amtrak ticket kiosks to print your changed ticket itinerary.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid service fees, which can reach the price of the ticket, by changing your reservations on time. For sleeping car accommodations, change your reservations at least seven days prior to your departure. For first class accommodations, change your reservations at least one hour prior to departure.

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