How to Get a Table at Las Vegas Night Clubs

How to Get a Table at Las Vegas Night Clubs
Table service in Las Vegas clubs is famous --- and famously difficult to get --- but a reserved table at a hot club makes a perfect ending to a long day of desert climbing or canyon hiking. Reserved tables at hot nightclubs in Las Vegas have an extravagant, decadent appeal. If you like being the center of attention, enjoying good drinks with friends, and dancing the night away, then a reserved table at a Las Vegas club is the perfect place to spend your evening.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Find out more about the top Las Vegas clubs. If you're going to spring for a private table, you should know ahead of time if the club has an atmosphere you'll enjoy and plays the kind of music you like to dance to. Look for the ambiance that appeals to you instead of just chasing celebrity hot spots and you will be more likely to get your money's worth from your reserved table.
Step 2
Call the nightclub that you are most interested in. While there are companies that facilitate reserved tables at Las Vegas nightclubs, they may charge you an extra fee on top of the already steep prices at these exclusive clubs. Ask to speak with the nightclub host. Be direct but polite when requesting to reserve a private table.
Step 3
Ask all the important questions. Many people make the mistake of forgetting to establish what the bottle minimum is per party. Most clubs will raise the bottle minimum, which is the number of bottles that you will be required to buy as part of reserving the table, when the size of your group increases. You should also ask if you can request a specific part of the floor and whether or not you are eligible for any promotions or specials that the club is running.
Step 4
Coordinate with the rest of your party. It is best to establish beforehand who will be paying and how you will be splitting the bill. A night out at a fancy club should be fun, and nothing ruins the atmosphere like unnecessary arguments over who owes what and who hasn't paid yet. By establishing the money side of the night upfront, you'll enjoy yourselves more freely.
Step 5
Show up looking your best. While you may have spent the day working up a sweat dragging yourself up nearby Lone Mountain, by the time you show up at the club where you have reserved a table you should be fresh, clean, and dressed to impress. While nightclubs will almost never turn away a paying customer, especially one who has already reserved a table, a put-together appearance will often encourage staff to deliver more helpful service.

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