How to use a Pop Up Tent

How to use a Pop Up TentA pop-up tent is also known as a self-erecting tent and can be a convenient choice for camping and backpacking. Pop-up tents come in many sizes and accommodate one to four people. These tents are usually shorter than standard tents and are not designed to allow people to stand up inside the tent. This is due to the support rings that allow the tent to "pop up." These rings must be small to allow for easy storage.


Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • Tent stakes Hammer
  • Tent stakes
  • Hammer
Step 1
Remove the tent from the bag. The tent should be folded into a round shape and held together with a strap.
Step 2
Remove the strap from the tent while holding it away from your body.
Step 3
Gently throw the tent away from your body while giving it a slight spin to unfold the tent. The tent will pop open as it unfolds.
Step 4
Move the tent to the desired location. Hammer stakes into the stake loops or rings located around the bottom of the tent to hold it in place.


Step 1
Remove the tent stakes and make sure that the door of the tent is unzipped.
Step 2
Locate the curved rods that support the tent. Grasp the outer center of each of the horizontal rods that are on the ground. Fold them together until they meet the vertical rods of the tent and hold all of the rods firmly together so that the tent is flat.
Step 3
Hold the centers of the rods in one hand and reach out with the other hand to the upper edge of the rods. Grasp the upper edge of the rods and twist the top of the tent toward you while pushing the edge down to the bottom of the tent. This movement may take some practice and should create a round disc when performed correctly.
Step 4
Slide the strap over the folded tent and insert the tent into the carrying bag to keep it folded.

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