How to Fill a Hydration Pack

How to Fill a Hydration PackThe hydration pack has been one the greatest inventions for hikers and other trail users since the compass. Hydration bladders hold more water than the typical water bottle and keep the water secure and comfortable on your back. One thing that can be a bit difficult to figure out is how to fill the hydration pack. It really isn't hard, it just takes a bit of technique.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Faucet or water source
Step 1
Take the bladder out of the hydration pack. You don't want to get your pack wet before you take it out for the hike and the bladder is easier to fill without the pack, though you could leave it in the pack so long as you have access to the entry of the bladder.
Step 2
Unscrew the bladder cover. The more difficult to fill bladders use a screw-on lid on the front of the bladder. Turn it counter-clockwise to take it off.
Step 3
Lay the bladder flat either on the sink or by holding it with both hands under the faucet. This is the key. You could hold the bladder upright, but then you'd leave a good percentage of it empty because the water would only fill to the top of the opening, not the top of the bladder. By laying it flat, the water will fill up the entire bladder.
Step 4
Run the faucet in the bladder until it is completely full and water begins pouring out the opening.
Step 5
Keeping the bladder flat, screw the top back on. Make sure that it is properly threaded and fully tightened so that water doesn't leak out.
Step 6
Reinsert the hydration bladder into your pack and fasten any buttons or zippers.
Step 7
Store anything else that you intend to carry in the hydration pack such as an energy bar or sunscreen. Put it on and you're ready to hike.

Tips & Warnings

Some bladders use a top seal rather than the screw-on lid. These are easier to fill and clean.
Keep your bladder clean so that it doesn't grow algae. For best results, use only water in the bladder.
Always filter and purify water from natural sources.

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