How to Find a Cruise Deal

How to Find a Cruise Deal
Whether you are looking for a luxurious cruise where chefs and entertainers cater to your every whim or a bare-bones trip where you can sit and contemplate the ocean over a book, you can save money if you know how to look for cruise deals. Finding a cruise deal requires flexibility and persistence. The more you look and the more options you are willing to consider, the less you are likely to spend.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Plan to cruise during the offseason. The offseason is the period when cruise ships are still sailing in a particular region but there is less demand for tickets. In Alaska, price discounts are available during May and September. In the Caribbean, which has a much longer sailing season, the offseason is from late April to May and most of the period from September to early January.
Step 2
Apply for resident rates and other discounts. If you happen to live in the state or region the cruise line is leaving from, you might qualify for a resident rate discount. Cruise lines also might offer discounts for active military personnel, past guests of the cruise line and seniors.
Step 3
Apply for a group cruise. Many cruise lines will give discounts to groups large enough to fill multiple cabins. These rates are generally not quoted on the web pages of cruise companies, so you will have to contact a travel agent or cruise line and inquire about group prices.
Step 4
Get a cheap stateroom. Inside staterooms with no view of the sea are cheaper than outside rooms that overlook the ocean. Standard outside rooms are cheaper than rooms with balconies. Location also makes a difference--rooms higher up and closer to the middle of the ship tend to cost more than rooms on lower decks or toward the front or back.
Step 5
Consider last-minute cruises. If you live near a port and are willing to travel on a few days notice, you can sometimes find cruises at less than half the normal rates. Cruise lines lose money when they aren't able to fill up their ships, so they will offer cruises very cheaply to flexible travelers.

Tips & Warnings

Don't forget the cost of shore visits. You will have to pay for entertainment, souvenirs and other expenses incurred on shore.


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