How to Roll Your Clothes for Better Packing

How to Roll Your Clothes for Better Packing
When packing, it's often difficult to fit everything into one bag or suitcase. Fortunately, there are ways to make more space for clothing. Rolling clothes is easy to do and it conserves much more space because it wraps clothing tight, allowing it to fit in smaller spaces.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rubber bands
Step 1
Place your clothing out in front of you on a hard, flat surface. Make sure all wrinkles have been removed from the clothing.
Step 2
Place any items you believe can be rolled together on top of each other. Fold them while they are this way to keep them together.
Step 3
Fold each item in half horizontally. Be sure the side is laying perfectly on top of the other side. It should appear as only half a shirt, jeans or whatever it is that you're folding.
Step 4
Fold the sleeves (if there are any) back over the clothing.
Step 5
Roll the clothes upward starting from the bottom. Continue rolling until you reach the top. Roll the clothes as tight as possible to avoid wrinkles or extra space being taken up in your luggage.
Step 6
Secure each rolled-up item with a rubber band.
Step 7
Place the largest rolled items on the bottom and near the sides of your luggage. Place medium-sized rolled items in the center and smaller rolled items of clothing should be placed on top and tucked in small spaces for maximum room.

Tips & Warnings

Wrap your clothing in plastic grocery bags and smaller items in zip bags to keep them safe from water or spills.

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