How to Repair Neoprene

How to Repair Neoprene
Neoprene, closed-cell foam is used to make wetsuits, gloves, socks, sprayskirts and other garments for kayaking. Neoprene garments are designed to fit close to the skin and to keep a person warm when wet by trapping a small layer of water between the skin and the neoprene. When a piece of neoprene is cut or ripped, it should be repaired to prolong its use.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Neoprene repair seal Small bristle paintbrush Iron Rubber gloves Wax paper
  • Neoprene repair seal
  • Small bristle paintbrush
  • Iron
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wax paper
Step 1
Acquire a seal that is used for repairing and patching neoprene such as McNett Iron Mend, McNett Cement Adhesive or Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive. McNett Iron Mend comes with a 10 by 6-inch patch. McNett Cement Adhesive is industrial strength brush on cement used for wetsuit or sprayskirt repairs and lasts for about nine months.
Step 2
Fully dry out the neoprene garment or sprayskirt before using any sort of iron on or brush on patch or adhesive for repair.
Step 3
Cut any loose threads and hand-sew any major rips or tears that are along seams and need to be reconnected.
Step 4
Lay the neoprene flat with a wax paper underneath, if you are repairing a small section such as the fingers of a neoprene paddling glove then it may be best to wear a rubber glove and then put the neoprene glove over your hand to better work with the surface in need of repair. Wearing rubber gloves when using repair seal or cement adhesive is always a good idea anyway.
Step 5
Brush on the cement adhesive to small areas that have been torn, such as glove fingers or the edge of a sprayskirt if using the McNetts Aquaseal Cement Adhesive which comes with an applicator top much like a bottle of rubber cement.
Step 6
Cut a round patch that covers the tear by at least a half inch if using Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive or McNetts Iron Mend. Brush on the sealant with a small bristle brush and then cover with the patch. If using Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive, cover with another sheet of wax paper and set a heavy object on it for at least 12 hours. If using McNetts Iron Mend, which comes with its own heat shielding paper, brush on the seal, apply the patch and then lay the heat shielding paper on top while you use your iron on it. Follow the exact directions on the tube for the correct time of heat application.

Article Written By Naomi Judd

Naomi M. Judd is a naturalist, artist and writer. Her work has been published in various literary journals, newspapers and websites. Judd holds a self-designed Bachelor of Arts in adventure writing from Plymouth State University and is earning a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine.

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