Traveling in Antigua

Traveling in Antigua
Antigua is in the Caribbean Sea near the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and the beaches offer white sands and temperatures in the 70s or 80s. Much of the water is calm enough for children to swim, and the scuba diving is outstanding. Even though there aren't many high-end hotels in Antigua, there are fair accommodations for a pleasant stay.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Decide on a hotel for your stay. There are some to choose from, but most are more basic than the all- inclusive-type hotels in other areas of the Caribbean. This does not mean that the area doesn't have all-inclusive or deluxe hotels, just not as many. Check out hotels to select the best for your finances and family needs. A link to a list of hotels and resorts is at the bottom.
Step 2
Go scuba diving or swimming. It is a wonderful way to see the ocean life up close and a great way to experience the Caribbean. There are shipwrecks to explore and coral reefs. Half Moon Bay will give you the added benefit being kid-friendly with a park and areas where the waters are calm if you are traveling with kids. The Antigua and Barbuda area claims to have 365 beaches to choose from.
Step 3
Experience a deserted island by taking the kids on an eco tour to one of the uninhabited islands off the coast of Antigua. Antigua Seafaries will take you by boat to the islands and guide you through an exploration that will include options such as snorkeling, cave exploring, and lying on the beach.

Antigua Seafaries
268- 464-3571
Step 4
Take a hike to see the more natural part of the island or explore some historical points. Trails will take you to the top of Monk's Hill where Fort George is located, and to a point at Deep Bay where Fort Barrington is located. Nelson's Dockyard National Parks near English Harbour also offers trails.


Article Written By Keith Dooley

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