How to Make Amtrak Reservations

How to Make Amtrak Reservations
The Amtrak train is one of the most widely used forms of public transportation in the America. The trains have main routes -- like New York City to Chicago and Miami to Washington D.C. -- but service is available to many of the far-flung areas of the country. Booking a seat on an Amtrak train is quite simple, but does usually require a credit card.


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Step 1
Find the closest Amtrak station by calling 1-800-USARAIL.
Step 2
Visit this station and speak with a booking agent. Tell the agent the destination and ask for the prices.
Step 3
Purchase your ticket with a credit card or cash.


Step 1
Visit the Amtrak website at (see Resources).
Step 2
Enter your starting city and your destination city. Enter the dates you wish to travel. Select number of passengers traveling. Click "Next."
Step 3
Review your options for travel. Some options may take longer than others, depending on stopovers or frequency of stops. Choose the option that best fits your needs.
Step 4
Click on "View Fare." This will detail the itinerary and the price.
Step 5
Use your credit card to complete the purchase. Print your confirmation and bring it to the station on the day of your departure.


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